520 Mitchell Drive
Dublin, CA 94568
tel: (925)875-4902


The Fire and emergency services branch is dedicated to ensuring the Camp Parks RFTA community a safe working and living environment, by providing our customer the most proficient fire suppression, emergency medical service, technical rescue, hazardous materials intervention and fire prevention services to them. The Fire and Emergency services will at all times maintain the ability to respond to our customer emergencies, protecting their life and property. Through continual customer contact the fire department management and employees will remain focused on the concerns of our internal and external customers, by providing an immediate correction, or avenue of correction for our customers based on their individual needs or situation when summoned.


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The Camp Parks RFTA Fire & Emergency Services Branch is an all risk fire department providing fire suppression, rescue services, hazardous materials response, emergency medical services, fire prevention, and public education. The department protects approximately 2700 acres of US Government property in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The department was established in 1951 and operates out of one fire station located at 520 Mitchell Drive. It serves the population of reservists and residents who live and work at Camp Parks RFTA.

In addition to Army property and personnel the department also protects the offices of Federal and local agencies and three Federal corrections facilities.

Camp Parks RFTA F&ES is dispatched to emergencies by Alameda County's Regional Fire Dispatch Center and is an active participant in the areas mutual aid plans. Additionally many local fire and law enforcement agencies use the buildings and open space at Camp Parks RFTA for training.


The land Camp Parks RFTA occupies began as a Naval hospital and Navy Seabees training area in 1943. Following World war 2 the activity was reduced and most of the land was leased to Alameda County. In 1951 the land was transferred to the US Air Force becoming the Parks Air Force Base and functioned as a basic training center during the Korean war. The Fire department was established under the Air Force at this time. In 1959 the land was transferred to the US Army becoming PRFTA. In addition to firefighting the fire department was responsible for base security until the late 1970's.

In 1980 the base was transferred to the US Army Reserve. For much of its history the department operated the 530 series of military fire engine but in the early 1980's it received a 1966 American LaFrance Pioneer pumper which was remained in service as a reserve engine during the 1990's.

530C (Photo courtesy of dodfire.com)


Fire Station
520 Mitchell Drive
Dublin, CA 94568
tel: (925)875-4902